What Makes Richard Woodall Bacon Special?

The Woodall family started producing traditional bacon, hams and sausages in the 1820’s creating recipes that have remained in the family business for over 180 years.

Over the last two centuries, using the same recipes and techniques as their ancestors Richard Woodall has continued to produce the finest quality British pork products free from any artificial ingredients.

Using knowledge acquired and fine-tuned across many generations the Woodall family together with our highly capable, loyal team are able to produce delicious, prime quality products to delight discerning customers.

The product is matured and air dried for 14 days Dry Cure – 17 days Wiltshire. This unique method of production gives the bacon its unique mouth watering flavour, which we believe is far and above superior to any bacon product on the market at the moment.

The result is…

Thicker rashers with no added water for ingredients and entertaining.

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